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Flowmaster invites engineers in automotive battery cooling and vehicle thermal management disciplines to a complimentary web based seminar and discussion. 

The webinar will focus on how to use a 1D fluid simulation tool to solve design challenges for battery pack cooling system configuration studies and thermal analysis.  Topics such as 1D vs 3D fluid simulation advantages, engineering assumptions, and where to get data for models will be introduced. Whether you work directly in analysis or design – attend to learn more about a system level approach.






  1. Introduction to system level fluid simulation
  2. Battery cooling challenges in hybrid and electric vehicles
  3. How to construct a battery pack cooling model for a 1D fluid simulation environment
  4. Steady state analysis optimization studies: 
       - Cooling at peak conditions
       - Pump performance vs. battery load – sizing the pump
  5. Transient battery pack initial warm up time and heater sizing study
  6. Considering the interactions of multiple vehicle thermal systems 
  7. Transient simulation studies for different vehicle operating modes

Patrick Ninneman
Automotive Operations
Flowmaster USA

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2 pm    US Eastern Standard Time
1 pm    US Central Standard Time
11 am  US Pacific Standard Time
7 pm    GMT

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HEV/EV Battery Cooling Simulation and Vehicle Thermal Management

Wednesday February 15th, 2012  - 2pm US Eastern Standard Time
(Registration open worldwide)


Have a question in advance?  Email us at and we will aim to answer it during the session.  You will have an opportunity to also raise questions during the event.

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