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Address Uncertainty in Fluid System Design with Monte Carlo Analysis in Flowmaster

Engineers working in fluid system design must assess many criteria while producing a solution that meets requirements.  Certain systems and the conditions of their service require greater judgement of the level of risk in a system being able to perform when exposed to many factors.  

Monte Carlo Methods can be used to statistically evaluate risks to performance by assessing a wide range of variations on a system such as environmental conditions, manufacturing tolerances, or other impacting factors.

This online seminar shows how Monte Carlo Analysis can be performed directly in Flowmaster to gain feedback on how this continuing development should be enhanced. The capability was developed in response to customer based simulation challenges.



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 What does this presentation feature?:

  • Introduction to Flowmaster and examples of where Monte Carlo Analysis is used
  • How a prototype Monte Carlo Interface was developed using Software Development Kit (SDK) that users can access
  • Monte Carlo Study Example: A Gas Turbine Can Combustion model (inc NASA CEA equilibrium combustion) - the impact of design variance on combustion zone


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Please note: Monte Carlo Analsysis is not a current included feature within Flowmaster V7 software.  This presentation is on a trial interface developed using tools available to users that does allow for Monte Carlo studies to take place.  The aim is to capture feedback from the engineering simulation community and show methodology for users.